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satellite views

a collection of satellite images of earth, processed during the month of August 09. the image pictured here… “Rainforests are not always wet and rainy. The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, actually has a dry season when the clouds clear and sunlight drenches the trees. It is during this period that the forest growth is […]

revisiting Boris Artzybasheff

a selection of images, scanned and collected by the ASIFA Animation Archive, from the book ‘As I See‘ by Ukrainian-born illustrator Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965). A set called ‘Diablerie’, inspired by the politics and actions of World War 2 and after-events, had this intro… “Let’s sing hosannas to men this day, for theirs is the triumph […]

link to Alex Broeckel Concept Art and Illustration

inverted world

from strangemaps … As we’ve all learned in school, 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, only 30% is solid ground. What if everything was reversed? What if every land mass was a body of water, and vice versa? This map explores that question, and it is fantastic in at least three definitions […]

poster campaign – Germany 1942

A set of six propaganda posters depicting the ‘complainers’ The posters went out with a late 1941 issue of a newsletter for propagandists, giving them detailed guidance on how to prepare for the campaign, which was aimed at complainers and those who failed to realize the greatness of life in Nazi Germany. Each poster would […]


1953 wood engraving in black and grey – M C Escher link

nasa image archive

huge image archive of Nasa’s collections spanning many areas of interest link

apod 2007 picks

the apod editors pick the twelve best for 2007 link