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tim burton doodling previews a sampling of images from upcoming book and MoMA exhibition featuring artwork by filmmaker, director, producer, writer, and concept artist Tim Burton. link to Wired article link to MoMA page

link to Alex Broeckel Concept Art and Illustration

B-movie biology

a close examination of some b-movie fantasies… Because of their small size, the tiny people in Dr. Cyclops could have jumped from chairs or tables without worrying about the drop. Gravitational pull on smaller objects decreases more rapidly than drag, so terminal velocity is lower–decreasing the risk of injury from a fall link

the movie timeline

if you were ever curious about events happening in the same time frame in the the world of films, then here you are… in the late 1700’s 1785 Shaka Zulu born (Shaka Zulu) The legend of the Blair Witch (The Blair Witch Project) 1787 Sleepy Hollow – The Headless Horseman starts attacking the locals (Sleepy […]