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vertical farming

entries from the ‘ Evolo Skyscraper Competition ‘ – farming in a vertical space… When considering the future needs of our cities, few urban designs address the world’s burgeoning population better than vertical farms. By 2050 nearly 80% of the world’s population will reside in urban centers, and 109 hectares of arable land will be […]

landing on Mars

the unique problems of landing heavy, human-carrying vehicles on the Martian surface haven’t been totally worked out yet… The real problem is the combination of Mars’ atmosphere and the size of spacecraft needed for human missions. So far, our robotic spacecraft have been small enough to enable at least some success in reaching the surface […]


link to Star Trek inspirational posters…


from KB Arts link to more vistas

Pene Menn

concept illustration link

the forever problem

scientists, futurists and historians debate and try to plan warnings for the next 500 generations of humanity for what lies below the surface at the huge radioactive waste dump near Carlsbad, Mew Mexico. The “forever problem,” unique to the modern technological age, has made crafting the user manual for this toxic tomb the final daunting […]

when they run out of room for trailer parks in Florida…..the Trilobis Floating Home

The top level is 3.5 metres above sea level. The next level is at 1.4 metres above sea level and hosts the daylight zone with all services and allowing outdoor access. The third level is situated at 0.8 metre below sea level, semi-submerged, and is devoted to the night-time zone. At 3.0 metres below sea […]

worlds largest telescope

plans are in the works to build what will be the worlds largest telescope with 100 times the viewing power of the existing Hubble Space Telescope. More power means better resolution and the ability to see ‘farther back’ in the history of the universe. link to Wired News article