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come together

New York Times Magazine article details some of the meticulous work that’s gone into the ‘Beatles’ version of the latest Rock Band video game series. Screen shot – “Here Comes the Sun’ complete with accurate instrument and Abbey Road studio details… The Beatles: Rock Band follows the group’s career from Liverpool to the concert on […]

vintage 1959

another instrument to mention, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard reproduction… Coveted by both players and collectors as the ultimate example of playability, attractiveness and tone, the iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard simply has no equal. With the release of this very limited new model, Gibson Custom takes the art of recreating the company’s legendary […]

big sound, small body

Blackbird Guitars – carbon fiber, hollow body and neck, 24.5 inch scale and 2.75 lbs…… very nice link

Laura Levine photo

photo gallery, various subjects… From 1980 – 1995, Levine’s career as a music photographer enabled her to work with everyone from Björk to James Brown for magazines such as Rolling Stone, The New York Rocker (where she was chief photographer/photo editor), and Sounds UK. She directed music videos for Lisa Germano and Giant Sand, and […]


similar to another i’ve seen called ‘musicmap’ – links between different music artists link

online music

the easy and unlimited availability of so much music online is making the top-40 a relic… Because the Internet has changed how people discover and share music, the rules of marketing it and the hierarchy of who determines what’s hot have also changed. As radio-music listenership declines, the industry finds itself spending more time courting […]

street recordings

Busker Du (dial-up) ….lo-fi sound recording service for street artists Busker Dial Up (Du) is a recording service for subway and street buskers. The service allows for buskers and spectators to call up and have the performance recorded. Busker Du will record 3 minutes of audio and hang-up the phone automatically. The audio recorded is […]

the shape of song

this site features software that visualizes various pieces of music in graphic form. The diagrams in The Shape of Song display musical form as a sequence of translucent arches. Each arch connects two repeated, identical passages of a composition. By using repeated passages as signposts, the diagram illustrates the deep structure of the composition. image […]