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rock and folk collection

a collection from photographer John Byrne Cook contains vintage snips of 1960’s musicians. pictured – Elvin Bishop & Mike Bloomfield link

David Fougere music

David Fougere – friend, musician, storyteller, traveller and one-third of Velveeta and the Hot Chassis, has some of his music posted on his own web page available for your ears. Recordings from various locations and events, and with a variety of contributing musicians, it is fine acoustic music. link

basement tapes

interesting trend….UK musician Sandi Thom records performances from her basement and broadcasts on the internet to a growing number of viewers. “A web tour is basically what you do when you have a lack of money and no car” Thom uses a webcam to record a nightly performance before broadcasting it on the net later […]


an online service where you can store and organize your own digital music creations. And then launch them to the playlists of iTunes and Rhapsody downloads, where they can be offered for sale. from the Tunecore site… TuneCore is a music delivery and distribution service that gets music you created (even cover versions) up for […]

django reinhardt

books, music clips, events and other info from ‘”This website is dedicated to the musical legacy of the great Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt (1910-1953). Django Reinhardt pioneered the use of the guitar in jazz and was arguably the first great jazz guitarist. His music lives on in the music of contemporary Gypsy jazz […]

don’t think twice, it’s alright


banned covers

album covers, that is…..that’s Dick Clark in uniform. link from

music cube

an interactive midi music and rhythm sequencer using a Rubik’s Cube as an interface. link from abstractmachine