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john lennon…

today……. mean mr mustard, happiness is a warm gun, help, because, working class hero, ‘i read the news today oh boy’, cry baby cry…and… ‘can’t stand the rain’ only because i just watched the committments. link to the Beatles Bad Handwroter Archive

Project: Air Guitar

Currently a featured display at the the Finnish science centre Heureka, this computerized air guitar lets you get creative… The Virtual Air Guitar is a project developed at the Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory and the Acoustics Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology, and was finished in March 2005. It is an entertainment device […]

hurdy gurdy

Chapter 1 …in which Eric aquires the loan of an accordian (most generously, by M Smith), and naively wonders at the co-ordination and dexterity needed to make something like music come out of it. It is a strange beast, a model falling somewhere between the two-handed, street vendor squeeze-box, and the gleaming monstrosity adorned with […]

new wave sleeves

from a site by Tony Maygarden, his gallery of record sleeve art… The sleeves here roughly fall into the period 1976 to 1987. They were chosen from my collection, and some were supplied by friends. They don’t necessarily reflect the best or most important musical output of the New Wave, but I tried for a […]