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state of the art in the see-through screen dept….. link to SmashingMagazine

how things won’t work


Donald Simanek “It may be perpetual motion, but it will take forever to test it.” link to the Museum of Unworkable Devices

come together


New York Times Magazine article details some of the meticulous work that’s gone into the ‘Beatles’ version of the latest Rock Band video game series. Screen shot – “Here Comes the Sun’ complete with accurate instrument and Abbey Road studio details… The Beatles: Rock Band follows the group’s career from Liverpool to the concert on […]

medieval medical


illustrations from the ‘MacKinney Collection of Medieval Medical Illustrations’ link UNC University Library

big sound, small body


Blackbird Guitars – carbon fiber, hollow body and neck, 24.5 inch scale and 2.75 lbs…… very nice link

10 wacky keyboards



great os x software


have been using and loving Mac OS X of late, and finding lots of third-party applications to extend it…more than a few from this site’s recommendations. link

Flying wind farms


airborne power generation ideas.. Mr Shepard’s flying generator looks like a cross between a kite and a helicopter. It has four rotors at the points of an H-shaped frame that is tethered to the ground by a long cable. The rotors act like the surface of a kite, providing the lift needed to keep the […]