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I n d u s t r i e k u l t u r

abandoned industry collected on a German site link

tactile 3D

a spacey three dimensional desktop application/interface for viewing and organizing your pc file structure link

Confederate Motorcycles

from the Confederate Motor Company The 2005 Confederate F113 Hellcat is the embodiment of a 15-year-long design process steeped in a fanatical devotion to the perfection of motorcycling. Blazing speed, mountains of torque, a super-light world-class chassis, the most advanced components available, and old-world craftsmanship of the highest order are the result. link

wind power

the ‘quiet revolution” wind turbine for generating electric power, with some added features… Unlike other renewable energy sources, quietrevolution is also available in a unique model capable of creating a striking visual display that is part illuminated billboard, part artwork, part renewable energy device. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) embedded in each of its three S-shaped […]

future visions

scanned ads from 1960’s Motorola publications show a life of ease and electronic convenience. link

monopoly rules

interesting variations on the standard set of rules. link

the folding challenge

until just a few years ago it was deemed impossible to be able to fold anything (paper, in particular) in half more than 7 or 8 times. Assuming it were possible to fold paper without restriction, the height of a piece of folder paper would double in thickness each time it was folded. Since one […]

music cube

an interactive midi music and rhythm sequencer using a Rubik’s Cube as an interface. link from abstractmachine