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Project: Air Guitar

Currently a featured display at the the Finnish science centre Heureka, this computerized air guitar lets you get creative… The Virtual Air Guitar is a project developed at the Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory and the Acoustics Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology, and was finished in March 2005. It is an entertainment device […]

kitchen tools

look at this baby….i think you could do just about anything you wanted with this. Like, say, rustle up a dinner for 8 or 10….. and in Cranberry Red link

using Firefox

Mozilla has just released the newest version (1.5) of the Firefox web browser. Definitely worth a look, as an alternative to the bulky and vunerable Internet Explorer. Small in size, lots of features, fast and very security minded, it’s as useable as IE and then some. But to me the best feature about Mozilla and […]

nostalgia & technology

exhibition highlights from �Nostalgia & Technology: Embracing the New through Art and Design,� at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art Harold Van Doren and John Gordon Rideout designed the first plastic radio cabinet for Air-King Products Company in 1933. The Art Deco modernism of the piece merges futurism with an enthusiasm for the ancient. […]

when they run out of room for trailer parks in Florida…..the Trilobis Floating Home

The top level is 3.5 metres above sea level. The next level is at 1.4 metres above sea level and hosts the daylight zone with all services and allowing outdoor access. The third level is situated at 0.8 metre below sea level, semi-submerged, and is devoted to the night-time zone. At 3.0 metres below sea […]