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laser strike

astronomers at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) site in Chile shoot a laser in the sky to measure our own atmospheric distortions… link to APOD

stealth project – 1945

Discovered by the Allied forces in the closing months of WW2, this German engineered stealth jet fighter aircraft had been well into development. A team of modern aircraft engineers from Northrop Grumman constructed a full scale replica of the aircraft with 1940’s materials in order to test the stealth technology of the time. After an […]

rules of thumb

excerpt from the latest cooltools newsletter… “A rule of thumb is a homemade recipe for making a guess. It is an easy-to-remember guide that falls somewhere between a mathematical formula and a shot in the dark. Rules of thumb are a kind of tool. They help you appraise a problem or situation. They make it […]

great os x software

have been using and loving Mac OS X of late, and finding lots of third-party applications to extend it…more than a few from this site’s recommendations. link

5 Reasons Rivets are Better than Duct Tape

Mr McGroovy’s Box Rivets link

logo info

details on many corporate logos…. link


a 2000 year old Greek device discovered in a shipwreck in 1900 still intrigues… The Antikythera mechanism is one of the world’s oldest known geared devices. It has puzzled and intrigued historians of science and technology since its discovery. In June 1959, in a front-page article in Scientific American by British historian of science Derek […]

winds relation browser

exploring geographic, language, border etc, relationships between countries of the world. Info from the CIA World Information Factbook link