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old trees

only because i’ve been working in and out of trees all day today … above, General Sherman, a sequoia in Sequoia National Park in California, US. est. 2,300 years old to 2,700 years old. Pando, colony of Quaking Aspen in Utah, US… While Pando isn’t technically the oldest individual tree, this clonal colony of Quaking […]

how things won’t work

Donald Simanek “It may be perpetual motion, but it will take forever to test it.” link to the Museum of Unworkable Devices

vinland map authenticated

Controversial 15th century Vinland Map, which surfaced in the 1950’s, has been authenticated by a team of Danish experts… Controversy has swirled around the map since it came to light in the 1950s, many scholars suspecting it was a hoax meant to prove that Vikings were the first Europeans to land in North America — […]

revisiting Boris Artzybasheff

a selection of images, scanned and collected by the ASIFA Animation Archive, from the book ‘As I See‘ by Ukrainian-born illustrator Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965). A set called ‘Diablerie’, inspired by the politics and actions of World War 2 and after-events, had this intro… “Let’s sing hosannas to men this day, for theirs is the triumph […]

stealth project – 1945

Discovered by the Allied forces in the closing months of WW2, this German engineered stealth jet fighter aircraft had been well into development. A team of modern aircraft engineers from Northrop Grumman constructed a full scale replica of the aircraft with 1940’s materials in order to test the stealth technology of the time. After an […]

medieval medical

illustrations from the ‘MacKinney Collection of Medieval Medical Illustrations’ link UNC University Library

100 abandoned houses

link to Kevin Bauman Photography

Trouvelot and Astronomy

French portrait artist Étienne Léopold Trouvelot turned his attention to celestial objects with these studies – from 1878 to 1880 Frenchman Étienne Léopold Trouvelot (1827–1895) was primarily a portrait artist when he arrived in Massachusetts in 1852. During the following 30 years that he remained in America his amateur passion for science would ensure a […]