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literary art

george orwell by Kevin Nowlan great collection of artist-contributed works of favorite authors/characters/scenes at Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!!

Realm of the Unreal

“Henry Darger died in 1973 in a Catholic mission operated by the Little Sisters of the Poor. He was buried in a paupers’ cemetery. He had no family or friends. The neighbors in his north Chicago apartment building remembered him as an odd, unkempt man who scavenged through garbage cans and talked to himself in […]


refined thinking tools…. MindMaps are a tool for thinking. Instead of arranging your ideas in a sequence — as a list of words — you draw them in an arboreal fashion, radiating out from one starting notion. Mindmaps use pictures instead of words, radial branches instead of linear lists, starfish instead of ladders, and associations […]

talking text

scrolls, ribbons, fluffs, clouds, plumes… the evolution of speech balloons link


a review on the book ‘The Cloudspotters Guide’ , from the Cool Tools newsletter has the following exerpt… With a population of just 178, Burketown sits in one of Australia’s most remote shires. But every September and October, a small group of individuals journey from all corners of the country for the appearance of a […]

the forever problem

scientists, futurists and historians debate and try to plan warnings for the next 500 generations of humanity for what lies below the surface at the huge radioactive waste dump near Carlsbad, Mew Mexico. The “forever problem,” unique to the modern technological age, has made crafting the user manual for this toxic tomb the final daunting […]

attention Yukon & others

namely, the Smiths of Whitehorse/Carnarvon and any various extensions… use Saskia’s son’s short name as a password & read more

notebooks of Da Vinci

collected notes and images… Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the central figure of the Renaissance, has long been considered by many a man of mystery. This is in spite of the fact that we have an unparalleled set of documents which illuminate his thought processes, interests, and deepest beliefs. We have access to hundreds of pages […]