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hwy 401 tracks

i have made a basic mix of our efforts so far, download the mp3 here

i have been doing the recording on ‘audiodesk’ which is software that was bundled with our recording interface, but my laptop needs to be connected to the interface unit to make it work – which means i cannot use that software at home (unless i take the unit out of our rack and take it home with me.)

so for distribution purposes, i have copied the tracks to a garageband project – from there i can mix to mp3, for sending out playbacks.

also for garageband users Рyou can download the garageband  tracks file and open it with you own installation of g-band. that way you can play around with the balance, etc

g-band file is here

also – these files are ‘zip’, need to be un-zipped to open the real file

i think our next step is filling out the rhythm section, drums, percussion etc