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little wing

hand-formed, carbon fibre, 32 lbs and fast…

Designer and builder Ted Warren says it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete each of Warren Light Craft’s unusual boats. Ted first got the idea for creating a different kind of kayak in 2001 and worked on designs and models for three years before he felt he had a worthy competitor. He took his experience designing long and skinny hulls for his Warren Light Craft multi-hull boats, built for high-speed racing, and applied it to kayak design.

The result is a winged boat, flat on the bottom, narrow-waisted at the cockpit, with a flared bow and stern for greater stability. A practiced kayaker can heel further into the paddle stroke from portside to starboard without tipping the boat. The result is a craft that floats over the sea like an outrigger, rather than spears the waves like a conventional kayak. An angled transom rather than a pointed stern adds to the boat’s stability.

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