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night clouds


photo – Derick Rethans

Noctilucent clouds, or ‘night shining’ are becoming more common, attracting the attention of photographers, environmentalists, scientists and other sky-watchers…

The clouds might be beautiful, but they could portend global changes caused by global warming. Noctilucent clouds are a fundamentally new phenomenon in the temperate mid-latitude sky, and it’s not clear why they’ve migrated down from the poles. Or why, over the last 25 years, more of them are appearing in the polar regions, too, and shining more brightly.

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a recent study claims that some of these cloud effects are a result of space shuttle launches, which exhaust huge quantities of water vapour into the atmoshphere. The same study also examines the similar cloud effects after the Tunguska (comet) event of June 1908.
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