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revisiting Boris Artzybasheff

a selection of images, scanned and collected by the ASIFA Animation Archive, from the book ‘As I See‘ by Ukrainian-born illustrator Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965).
A set called ‘Diablerie’, inspired by the politics and actions of World War 2 and after-events, had this intro…

“Let’s sing hosannas to men this day, for theirs is the triumph of wit! In their long search for better tools and weapons, men at last have found the way of locking a pinch of cosmic force in a sheath of silver-white metal… as well as the means for making it go boom. Any time they wish, or think they must, men can touch off an orgasmic flash, making the oceans boil and seethe with fire, making the soil rise up in crimson dust… Perhaps after the cloud drifts thrice around it, the earth will emerge once more free of living things… In the hush of night this comely planet will go on waltzing in its ordained orbit until God awakens from His sleep and resolves it back to the primordial elements.

I try to shake this thought off; it may be that a healthy planet should have no more life upon it than a well-kept dog has fleas; but what posesses the flea to concoct its own flea powder?”

link to the ASIFA-Hollywood archive page

Also of interest, a couple more collections…
Machinalia – a surreal tribute to 20th century industrialization
Neurotica – neuroses, in his visual style…