how things won’t work

Donald Simanek “It may be perpetual motion, but it will take forever to test it.” link to the Museum of Unworkable Devices

good guys, bad guys

link to more from Agan Harahap at DeviantArt

small worlds

top judged microscopic images from the 2009 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. link

satellite views

a collection of satellite images of earth, processed during the month of August 09. the image pictured here… “Rainforests are not always wet and rainy. The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, actually has a dry season when the clouds clear and sunlight drenches the trees. It is during this period that the forest growth is […]

lost land of the volcano

a remote volcanic crater on the Pacific island of Papua, New Guinea has revealed many new discoveries and wildlife never seen before. A team of scientists from Britain, the United States and Papua New Guinea found more than 40 previously unidentified species when they climbed into the kilometre-deep crater of Mount Bosavi and explored a […]

come together

New York Times Magazine article details some of the meticulous work that’s gone into the ‘Beatles’ version of the latest Rock Band video game series. Screen shot – “Here Comes the Sun’ complete with accurate instrument and Abbey Road studio details… The Beatles: Rock Band follows the group’s career from Liverpool to the concert on […]

laser strike

astronomers at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) site in Chile shoot a laser in the sky to measure our own atmospheric distortions… link to APOD

night clouds

photo – Derick Rethans Noctilucent clouds, or ‘night shining’ are becoming more common, attracting the attention of photographers, environmentalists, scientists and other sky-watchers… The clouds might be beautiful, but they could portend global changes caused by global warming. Noctilucent clouds are a fundamentally new phenomenon in the temperate mid-latitude sky, and it’s not clear why […]

vinland map authenticated

Controversial 15th century Vinland Map, which surfaced in the 1950’s, has been authenticated by a team of Danish experts… Controversy has swirled around the map since it came to light in the 1950s, many scholars suspecting it was a hoax meant to prove that Vikings were the first Europeans to land in North America — […]

revisiting Boris Artzybasheff

a selection of images, scanned and collected by the ASIFA Animation Archive, from the book ‘As I See‘ by Ukrainian-born illustrator Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965). A set called ‘Diablerie’, inspired by the politics and actions of World War 2 and after-events, had this intro… “Let’s sing hosannas to men this day, for theirs is the triumph […]