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comment spam is getting nasty, so i will adjust the settings for the time being. Would love to have it free and open and i will work towards that…. also, there was some third party fiddling that resulted in the site going down for a time…hope to have that resolved as well. E

hello dolly

link to strange


murals, paintings, photos from Toronto based artist Jabari Elliott link to

strange clouds


terry toons

complete set of eight Terry Toons Lobby cards, scanned for the ASIFA Animation site link

old book pictures

from Liams Pictures from Old Books link

spring heeled Jack

the still-unexplained incidents with this mysterious stranger in the late 1800’s, England. The fact that no one was ever caught and identified as Spring Heeled Jack combined with the extraordinary abilities attributed to him and the very long period of time he was reportedly at large have led to all sorts of theories to determine […]