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using Firefox

Mozilla has just released the newest version (1.5) of the Firefox web browser. Definitely worth a look, as an alternative to the bulky and vunerable Internet Explorer.
Small in size, lots of features, fast and very security minded, it’s as useable as IE and then some.
But to me the best feature about Mozilla and Firefox is the functionality you can add by using extra plugins. Because it is an open source project the code is freely available and there is a huge community of developers who create small software snippets, or extensions, that can be downloaded and installed quick and easy, providing all sorts of extra features.
Some that i have used….
image zoom…..increase or decrease the size of any image on a web page
mouse gestures…..allows you to execute common commands using a mouse motion
IE view…..for the times when you want Internet Explorer to view a page, this will open a page in IE via firefox menu.
no script…..disables javascript (a script that the hackers like to take advantage of), and allows it only on pages of your choice.
adblock…..kill the ads from displaying and speeds things up.
These are just a few of hundreds available.
link to Mozilla’s info page
link to extensions page