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winter racing

it’s winter now where i am, finally enough snow and cold to help out two quite different kinds of racing courses in the area.
the Redstone River Luge Club has a natural course up and running in the Redstone Lake region of Haliburton County.

In contrast to its Olympic cousin, natural track or ‘Naturbahn’ luge follows the existing contours of the slope and does not use artificial banks. At present there are only six tracks like ours in all of Canada. The luge sled can be steered with reins in coordination with the sliders hands and legs. Those proficient in the sport can reach speeds of up to 60 kph

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And, the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs Ontario Region bases it’s ice racing program in Minden, weekends Jan through March.

Ice Racing started in Ontario more than forty years ago, and it continues to thrive as an inexpensive, fun part of the Ontario motorsport scene. The events were originally held on frozen lakes and rivers – and some still are – but in the late seventies, the Ontario championships moved to more permanent facilities at the fairgrounds in Minden, Ontario. The track is laid out, then repeatedly coated with water until a thick layer of ice is built up between the snowbanks that delineate the course.

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